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Thank you for visiting Innovative Paycheck Solutions online. Your one stop shop for authentic looking fake pay stubs and other income verification documents. We pride ourselves on our custom pay check stubs, earnings statements, customer oriented approach and fast turnaround times. If you have been wondering how to get a fake pay stub, we are here to help. We offer an array of products to cater to your proof of income needs. We create printable pay stubs using actual payroll software.

Fake Pay Stubs & Proof of Income

In today’s economy, pay stubs are as important as income itself. Car loans, mortgages, payday loans, and property management companies all require paycheck stubs before they will even consider doing business with you. Many people work in jobs that don’t provide their employees pay check stubs and instead, pay cash only or they are paid under the table. Day laborers, exotic dancers, hairdressers, handymen, gardeners, and even some bartenders often get paid under the table and are not issued actual paycheck stubs. While getting paid under the table has its advantages, you often can’t prove your income without pay stubs until you file taxes. That’s where we come in. We create fake pay stubs and other documents to show your income.

How to Make Fake Pay Stubs for Free

While you can make free fake paycheck stubs yourself, it is often an extremely tedious process requiring extensive research on federal and state tax withholding’s. Some website offer free pay stub templates, that you can download, and fill out yourself. Some of these free check stub templates often end up costing money in order to fully unlock the template, or the pay check stubs are printed with a watermark on them rendering them unusable. We make our check stubs with accurate tax withholding’s, and without a watermarks.

Our Fake Pay Stubs

We have been creating fake pay stubs documents for the last 10 years using numerous pay stubs and paycheck templates. We also use various payroll software in creating paychecks and fake pay stubs. Not a single client we have serviced has had trouble with the fake check stubs we create. Whether you want fake pay stubs, fake W2’s or fake pay statements, we can help.

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